Roam 47° 5′ 0.42″ N 2° 23′ 45.78″

(image/editing : Jerome Fino)

De 12H00 à 22H00, le dimanche 21 Février, au Nadir-Transpallette de Bourges.
Huit concerts auront lieu dans un intervalle de 10 heures.
Les musiciens ne sont ni sur scène, ni dans la salle mais ailleurs, quelque part dans la ville. Ils sont partis jouer dehors. Dans la salle de concert, on ne voit rien des lieux extérieurs, aucune image mais l’on perçoit des acoustiques différentes, des ambiances et des bruits.
De l’autre côté, à l’autre bout du flux, disséminés de part la ville, des musiciens ont investis des lieux pour y préparer leurs performances : un dans les champignonnières, un autre près des silos à grain, un autre : une salle de bain berruyère…
Nous, (Ultimate Technical Team! ) voyageons de lieux à lieux à travers la ville, munis de micros, de caméra, de clé 3G, afin de capter et de diffuser en direct le concert en lieu-dit d’un musicien arraché à son public.

Le projet est réalisé dans le cadre de l’exposition “frequence 1″ , commissaire d’expo : Leonor Nuridsany.
Annonce de l’exposition “frequence 1″ sur le site d’Emmetrop : voir prog. de janv/fev 2010.

Roam #,February 2010


roi_des_rats roam_img3roam_img4

Roam # is a project of wandering through the city to find appropriated play areas, a in a city. Previously, he must seek and discover places with singular acoustic qualities. The city of Bourges was the city of the first episode: Roam 47 ° 5 ’0.42 “N 2 ° 23′ 45.78″ in February 2010. For ten hours, seven concerts were held in seven different places of the city. The musicians are no longer on stage, but elsewhere, they went outside to play, somewhere in the city. The concert hall is a black box, we see nothing from these places, no picture, but you can hear, we can distinguish different acoustic environments and some noises from outside. On the other hand, on the other side, scattered here and there, musicians have invested new scenes : a cave, a grain factory, a disused printing …


The crew Roam # travels between these spaces, equipped with microphones, cameras, transmitters 3G to capture and send by streaming the live performance of a musician far from his audience who stayed in the concert hall. On these outdoors scene, meetings are improvised with surprised listeners and musicians struggling with the outside world. Outside, we must choose the right paths. Far away from the center of listening, we drive ever through the city and its suburb, caught in a crazy race. We move in several directions at once to successively join the musicians and their playgrounds to create temporary sonic isles in the heart and outside of the city.

____ / Inside (the concert hall )

The concert hall is the point of crystallization, the concentration zone: a folded space where all the sounds converge and condense. The concert hall is the main node network where all started and where everything will end. He plays the role of a black box where sounds come from outside and are absorbed. Roam # is the dissociation of vision and hearing, the scene is not before us but it is elsewhere and moves. Given the absence of a musician, the feelings of the listener interact in various combinations, they organize themselves to succeed in making a trip to this place that he can’t see. The listener becomes a pass-wall, he avoids the gravity of the space outside, he passes the obstacle, passes through a territory without physical effort. It is here and elsewhere. It maintains a distance, a particular relationship, which allow create mental spaces. It is an opportunity here to catch some details of the nature of sound. Meanwhile, on a screen, we can just see our paths with sinuous lines showing the markers from the geographic coordinates of our position when we move. Without actual evidence of geographical areas, an imaginary map is created, a sound map.

with :

Fabrice Desrivot, Mathieu Hugy, Kiniou, Alex Korber, Aymeric Larvido, Maud Lemaitre, Terence Meunier, Nicolas Thill, Yannick Riff, Vanessa Brunet.